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The advent of NMD can be said for the 2015 Originals Adidas draw a perfect full stop, and at the same time sounded the 2016 hit the horn. Recently, EARTOTHESTREET:registered: will share a pair of brand friends and relatives exclusive NMD color matching Instagram. Black and white and weaving the socks Primeknit shoe body and earlier in the network on the spread of new design is exactly the same, equipped with white boost in the bottom, and starting the blue and red stable blocks are retained. Although the city is not the color version, but it is reported, Adidas Originals will also launch a variety of color in the spring NMD, come and see! Source: SNEAKER NEWSitem: 555088-023 release date: December 28th, James's Fans, you can be excited, and now bring you the latest Nike Air LeBron Slide 2, a Lebron slipper. Air LeBron Slide is composed of 2. basketball shoes LeBron 10 design inspiration, shading with diamond cutting, heel heel technology similar technology in LeBron 10, and James Logo slippers, the new color is black and grey which highlight the atmosphere, love James and this slipper friends do not miss oh. Puma products have always brought a strong sense of theme, long running racing shoes, a very bullish sailing style, in overall packaging operations, there has been no alternative brand atmosphere, this pair of PUMA, Match, Psychedelic belong to PUMA by One of the sports series, featuring a low center of gravity and enhanced shoes, echoes the hidden totems of his soles, echoing his source --- 1974 first tennis shoes. download (41.07 KB) download (35.7 KB) download (41.3 KB) download (37.75 KB) Adidas D Lillard 2 color Oakland Mito enjoy Adidas D Lillard 2 Damian Lillard launched a new color to the hometown of Oakland at the same time will salute, the word "Oakland" printed on the soles, shoe body with yellow and green colors, echoing Oakland A's baseball theme color. It will be on sale in June 18th at $120. , the famous American trend brand Supreme, once again combined with the skateboard brand Vans, announced its brand new 'Mike Carroll' which will be released in the spring of 2011. If you ask about your collaboration with Supreme and Vans, which one do you remember best? Can you say that? But anyway, I believe you should say that those are more well-known styles of cooperation. Recently, it was announced that two parties may be forgotten by many people shoes, Mike Carroll launched a joint sneakers. In the currently published and we do not see the special material used in cooperation with Vans Supreme in the usual or special printing effect, it is a very simple color, in addition to the signature of the tongue, this pair of shoes to change our basic very ugly, cheap air jordans online officially launched will have to wait until this spring, love can be a friend look.& Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; SARFT and SAIC jointly below, starting August 1, weight loss breast enhancement and other TV programs advertising suspended. This really makes the world a woman lovingly of his body that measures hand-foot. However, Nike has long prepared a better place for them. open, in pink interface strayed paragraphs satisfying wishful words: "Turn off the computer, go to one hour dance lessons, back pack your efficiency becomes faster, and smiling love. your body "...... This is the Nike Women fitness program Nike Goddess of Chinese mainland version:" Love your body "(Love, You Body). The core part of the program is dance master Jamie King and Nike together to create NRSW courses. Release This dynamic fashion fitness dance aimed at targeting 22-28 year old urban women to participate in and drive sales female fitness products. compiled a dance, teach you to dance, make you inspired to get rid of fat, the opportunity to sell shoes and clothing dance equipment. A woman can be so earn money. profile: full of male hormones most of the history of Nike, not to treat women as men, that is, we do not consider them. Female sports market even men's marketing strategy also copy, even Nike shoes model used simply smaller than men 1st. In Jordan, Tiger Woods so great male athlete Liu Xiang, this glorious, Nike dominated the world sports market for many years. The company, however, one full of male hormones, and have a lot of male sports fantasy force is difficult to be loved by female consumers. Do not forget Nike Nike is a woman - the goddess of victory in Greek mythology named. Nike sales of $ 13.7 billion per year in sales of women's and women accounted for only 20%. It seems no foot Nike commit suicide. Reebok and Adidas competitors but was able to take advantage of Stalin to seize the initiative. Undoubtedly the most pick Adidas Women Fitness Clothing Women Sleek series, won the women favorite. With the increase in the number of women participating in the exercise, together with the movement of fashion and sportswear fashion trends show that brings together elements such as fashion and sexy women's sports apparel market outlook is widely optimistic. According to Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association of Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association data, from 2000 to 2004, women's sports apparel sales grew 39%, to $ 17.4 billion; the same period, sales of men's sports apparel decreased by 11% to $ 13.4 billion. Results 2005 year a project called "quality of life in Chinese women" shows women a stronger sense of overall fitness, 80.6% of women will from time to time to exercis cheap foamposites e. On the consumption side, fitness behind clothing, communications and tourism, the fourth column of the female consumer spending. Sports consumption reflect the "women's power" is an indisputable fact. Nike beats after all, and soon the smell of this point, and quietly make adjustments. Empathy: Iraqis dancing dancing too concerned and focused on traditional sports, and likely to cause timid innovation when, suddenly unexpected ability of the operating edge of Nike products are amazing. Because most consumers and retailers agree that Nike is embodied hero and sports. Indeed, in addition to sports other Nike previously dismissive, and now Nike now determined to expand on the "movement" of interpretation. Integration of sports, fashion and entertainment from a number of non-pure fitness dance sports emerged as Nike developed female fitness market fulcrum, indeed the most difficult to break through the two Nike breakthrough: sports and men. Because a few years ago whether we dance movement also debated. The next step is to explore women dance in the end what kind of equipment, which determines the Nikewomen future design direction. The study found that for the vast majority of women, high performance is not necessarily sports-related, but with the comfort related. Many women are hoping the same as men, outside the gym wearing sportswear. In addition, it found that Nike and the line must be adequate to weaken rough sporty and fashion go hand in hand. This performance is even worse in women. Core consumer Nike fitness dance apparel is 22-28 year-old women, they do not want to sacrifice fashion for motor function, they want both. And those who like to buy products harmonious colors. For a variety of reasons, Nike launched its latest fitness dance series in the tank tops, low-waist slacks, sexy short shirt, whether in the gym or in the nightclub are suitable for wearing. Trousers and vest can be long or short, customers are free to mix different styles colors of tops, bottoms, shoes and other equipment such as backpacks, wear clothing style. Followed international dance master jump Rockstar Workout of course, have a good outfit. Nike women's fitness apparel is tailored to this dance. From the earliest Bodyarts, Nike will local strength training, yoga, Latin dance aerobics and other sports in which melting, and proposed a "charm 3S" concept (Spiritual, Stylish and sexy), is a twenty-first century women The new definition of glamor. Spiritual refers to have optimistic, confident, positive and perseverance, Stylish refers to a unique taste and style, have their own beliefs, but sexy is not just sexy, but also a sexy look and gesture. Bodyarts become a fashion line cities in white-c cheap jordans for sale ollar women. Later Nike Rockstar Workout start another boom during the global promotion. Cooperation by the renowned choreographer Jamie King, director of fitness and dance Nike created, containing the latest Hip Hop movement and the latest wave of urban rhythm, let the dancers dance in a one-hour course in the body energy to get exercise. Recently, Jamie King and Nike together again to create a new Nike Rockstar Workout Bollywood courses. The innovation lies in Hip Hop, Funk, R & amp; B joined the mysterious and elegant style of Indian dance. In Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenyang, Dalian and other cities in the body times the force, force the United States and other fitness and health center, you can find Nike dance classes. closer to Dance, and Music in tune. Nike on female fitness products in the "outrageous" performance beyond conventional boundaries of sport, its power comes from the great temptation of the market. seized the opportunity to: lose weight ulterior motive Although counterfeit slimming products list becomes longer, but the heat of the weight loss market continues unabated. "Good figure, thrown out." This year's "hot" in the rejection of fat woman to lose weight once again ignited the hope of the world. Recently CASE and experts warn: there is no scientific basis for the rejection of fat to lose weight, but also can damage bone nerve. Secretary-General of the World Natural Medicine Global Fund to Fight Obesity Huang informed the Commission will reluctantly said: "Almost all dieters wasting money, weight loss market is a market failure." However, up to 30 billion yuan per year, and the weight loss products on the market with a rate of 5% -10% of how to prevent businesses salivate? "Obesity is essentially a lifestyle disease," Dean China Working Group Leader obesity prevention before the Chinese Academy of Professor Chen Chunming speaks a word. Consumers need to return to a rational opinion on the one hand, on the other hand requires a consumer more receptive to healthy weight loss methods. Anyway Nike certainly take on this group of global slimming Shuttle, besides Nike "Fate Cao in my" brand connotation and promote positive sportsmanship, and Science Diet concept very similar. And Nike's genius is that it in any way deliberately vague propaganda avoid "diet" is, even some of the adjective, such as weight loss, body sculpting, lowering the words have never touched. Perhaps because of the weight loss market too freely, fearing damage to their health motion image. But we still see the weight loss associated with content on nikewomen Chinese website. There is a "dance consume heat meter" clearly above listed several dance weight loss information, "30 minute Cheap jordans online s of hip-hop can burn 235 kilocalories; 30 minutes can burn 210 Latin dance kilocalories" and so on. On "Beauty Forum" more audible to the voices of many women, their most talked about topic of course is to lose weight. For example, there are users saying "When I saw so many lose weight PP, do not believe that diet pills and weight equipment ......", someone responds: "Aerobic exercise is a healthy way to lose weight, but I generally difficult to stick to ......." Here it seems to have become the battlefield of their vocal opposition and sub-Gan co bitter camp. low-key: temperature possession to be growing Over the past thirty years, the theme from the beginning like a masculine Nike has not changed. But this hero worship style of advertising is difficult to attract female consumers. Nike thinking without affecting the brand image of the main premise of how to better communicate with women. Stronger might hurt Nike masculinity, weak it is difficult to arouse female attention. The study found that most women do not have a keen interest in sports stars Reviewed contrary, they pay more attention to the emotional exchanges between. market next fight than men, the women's market is more like a cold war. Next is a series of anti-normal changes. Such as hiring outside the sports sector R & amp; B singer Rihanna (Rihanna) starring fitness dance series DVD, and play Hiring dancers Jamie King as the new spokesperson. Nike Rockstar Workout fitness dance in Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou and other cities to become the choice for white-collar women, largely because of factors choreographer Jamie King. The "Europe's most innovative," the dance design director, is the 68th Academy Awards live dance choreographer. Madonna recently in 2006 "Confessions" world tour as a choreographer, beginning the same year for her song "Sorry" shoot MV. In selecting its channel on Nike rarely use the mass media hype, and more optimistic about the relatively low-key but more targeted Event, and rely on electronic channels to recruit more women. For example, each year thousands of people dance, "Dance Party", the transformation of different topics, from the "do sports, do it yourself", "the woman insisted more," "I omnipotent, omnipresent charm", "I move my charm" "Movement Let me Shining", "5678, and indulge in rhythm" and, most recently, "Hot Dance Party" Online enrollment nearly three thousand people. The Internet is a young woman of the world, the network may go deep into the psychological self-conscious women. Nike various areas of the site have a women's channel, and set up an independent website. Online we see the same theme "Just do it" and different expressions: Praise ordinary real woman, to "dialogue" between the woman and the woman as the primary means of communication. On this point Taiwan, Japan and other Asia-Pacific region is particularly prominent sites. For example, in istories channel, you will find that you are not alone, no matter in Taipei, Shanghai or Kyoto, have a group of energetic women, being in the classroom will also enjoy dance, yoga or meditation classes. It can also be seen from morning to night and story fragments of their lives. In these extraordinary figure, you will find Yang Yang and Maria Sharapova faces, but they are not at the podium and the sports arena, but as with your ordinary life. Of course, on the site you will easily tap the Nike dance courses video, from warm-up, footwork, break down the action to the combined action and fancy mix, no matter how you played repeatedly. Also watch the top dance masters performances. Obviously, less indoctrination rhetoric, have become more scenes exchanges and considerate. In order to completely change the way women communicate, Nike Goddess (goddess Nike stores) began as the emergence of the concept of women's cosmetics store. As before exudes rough, cold, masculine image of Niketown (Nike Sports City) compared to, Nike Goddess is they will feel comfortable shopping, like a kind of family feeling, decorated using warm colors of wood floors, blue Tile, plus white doll model physique. Here is the home furnishings like furniture, rather than rigid display rack. In order to come into contact with women, Nike moved even a small amount of shelf next to the place of women's underwear. Eve Economics pointed out: women dominate 70% of global economies of scale, the next 15 years, women account for more than eighty percent of global consumer purchasing power. Such amazing proportions allow all companies can not be underestimated. Today most sensible how companies find enormous influence female consumers, and use it to get breakthrough results, with "love" instead of "cheating." Nike: "Love your body."Famous Dex 1 exaggerated feet this pair of Air Jordan 1 white buckle broken, also wearing the hat with the same color echo shoes. Hop Hip Rockie Fresh Air Jordan singer Space Jam 9 feet in the last week, light colored jeans washing collocation simply can not be too good. Rockie Fresh is also on foot Air Jordan 3 white cement, with a white background and decorate the familiar black ash burst crack, the details of the blue and red dot also highlights the extraordinary vitality temperament. Nate Robinson small potatoes on foot this pair of fresh color Air Jordan 6 Sprite, blue and white color, green dotted details into the ghost, provoke a visual window. this is small potatoes on foot Air Jordan 1 Shattered Backboard, a black and orange color collocation details at the foot of the same buckle broken rebounds, and behind the snow helped foil, very dazzling. Fabolous and his son staged magic boy children and child shoes, and can be found at the foot of Air Jordan 1 Top 3 the same color coat is not easy. can be seen from the recent Fabolous INS, he has repeatedly on foot the shoe body with Grey Leather stitching tear nylon crafted Nike Special Field Air Force QS Dust 1 Grey, the Mark woven ankle belt regression. Jacquees Jordan 1 pin Air singer Chicago color, also have Chicago Bulls logo coat, the full dress is a big fan of the bulls. Jacquees in the wild and intractable posture foot this pair of Air Jordan 1 OG Royal. Odell Beckham Jr in foreign giants took over this week on foot Air Jordan 5 Metallic Bl〉In the 2015 year, Nike has released a variety of sports shoes series "Cool Grey" color, including Roshe One, Tiempo F.C. and Jordan Future 94 "and so on, the new Air Jordan XX this pair of basketball shoes. Jordan Brand was born with 30th anniversary celebration and re engraved Air Jordan XX, is the brand history of milepost sense has on a pair of shoes, the shoe body contour design and this "Cool Grey" color is not only the continuation of the classic, more of the best quality black leather making uppers, magic paste with laser pattern bandage and liner symbol Michael Jordan's brilliant career occupation, finally equipped with gray bottom and white soles show. It is reported that this shoe will be landing in May 9th designated brand retailers, please look forward to. 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After Vans OTW we reported this holiday season for the series of shoes "Felt", we decided to bring the "Felt" series of two pairs of shoes, which are Prelow and Tesella, the two pairs of shoes type even low shoes is the most famous Vans OTW branch, the two pairs of shoes a is based on classic Vans series shoes on the absorption of the essence, combined with modern shoe appearance and light weight technology, improved and new shoes, two pairs of shoes are on the UltraCush HD collocation outsole. Tesella this is the most unique shoes woven leather shoes special side of it, and in the theme of wool material and use the tongue inside (Felt). The Prelow side is perforated leather toe and inside produced by grey wool, and the lace holes of metal. The bottom two pairs of shoes are collocation on red shoelaces and white. Later this month they will start to go on sale, if there is love the look oh. WeChat scan code, share share to WeChat sweep! 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