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, of course, is impossible... But in view of during Paris fashion week, Teng Yuan Hao has indeed very close relationship with Louis Vuitton, fragment design x Louis not only frequent upper Vuitton jacket, and on foot x Louis Vuitton model Supreme sneaker; in addition to the exposure of the fragment design with Louis Vuitton series of new preview. Supreme x Louis Vuitton is not Teng Yuan Hao's flamboyant style dishes, but in view of the close relationship between the two sides, in advance for the blockbuster cooperation fragment design x preheating Louis Vuitton no ground for blame; cooperation square debut by Paisley with both the logo pattern and cute, luxurious leather bear. Since Teng Yuan Hao is generous, frequent LV appearance, it seems that the follow-up of two pounds of cooperation, some look forward to. handmade shoes brand REGAL Shoe& Co. in the history of inheriting the brand classic design, but also through scientific and technological research and development and innovation concept, brought the exclusive design of Boa system. REGAL Shoe& Co. replaces the laces of traditional lace up shoes with Boa system locks. The classic Wing Tip details are still exquisite and elegant. In 2017, the spring and summer limit also selected vibram 1220 soles to match the white cowhide uppers, selling for 59400 yen.signature shoe designer's first task is how to make signature shoes more rich personal mark. There are a number of signature on the performance of the shoe is obvious, but some of the details of the design, although it is difficult to find on the shoe, but whenever you find these hidden secrets will feel like a new continent. Let's take a look at the shoe decryption process for everyone to decrypt cheap air jordans 5 pair of air jordan shoes, take a look at these classic hot shoes which is you don't know. Jordan 6Airsale year: 1991although in some of the color Jordan Air 6 on this feature is very difficult to see, in fact, this pair of shoes is very interesting. If you observe, the white part is made up of "2" and "3", which is based on the Jordan Michael's back design inspiration. Jordan 11Airsale year: 1995The sign Air jordan retro 11 tongue perhaps a lot of people didn't recognize what is written above. In fact, this is the right direction, written above is "Jordan Jumpman". However, in 2000 the sale of the Jordan Air 11 'Jam Space', which is written on the sign of the "JAM " JUMPMANJordan 18Airsale year: 2003car is one of the very important design inspiration for Jordan Air 18, followed by some racing shoes from the professional. Many racing shoes have the valgus design to make drivers more easily control pedal, and then with the nine point in together just represent the this pair of shoes is the 18th generation air jordan shoes. Jordan 2009Airsale year: 2009Jordan Air 2009 wrapped in a layer of TPU outside the board to prevent carbon board is zoned, and the above printed "JORDAN" is very interesting, because it is both the pros and cons of "JORDAN"". Jordan 2011Airsale year: 2011Jordan Air 2011 outside the bottom lines in fact, and Jordan XX3 Air as the use of the Jordan Michael fingerprint, but there are still some differences between the two. 2011 in order to achieve the best grip to achieve the best grip will be a further twist, so you can not pass this pair of shoes, the bottom line of the stolen brush MJ credit card. search Store APP download and install 〉 said Italy footwear retailers association Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale president Mas simoDonda in an interview in China international leather exhibition, the pressure Chinese shoes, the actual bring is a lose lose situation, profit is the "old fisherman" in India. China when asked the EU to levy anti-dumping duties for one year, the European footwear manufacturers are benefiting from it, Massimo said, the imposition of anti-dumping duties and not to the European footwear industry benefits, but let India shoe enterprises profit. The survival of European shoe manufacturers is still difficult, and it is difficult for them to win the "battle" with China, because the price of Chinese shoes is still very low, but the quality is rising. At present, many large European buyers and retailers according to the ratio of 8:2 in India and Chinese purchasing leather shoes, which had 100% to buy shoes Chinese enterprises, will be about 20% orders to India. Different enterprises are different, and some are allocated at 5: 5. Massimo believes that this is not entirely due to price considerations, but these buyers and retailers move risk transfer action. In addition, Massimo said that European retailers and buyers are almost 100% against anti-dumping duties on Chinese shoes. Some shoe manufacturers increased from China purchase price of shoes, but most shoe business because consumers are not willing to buy high priced shoes and no money, so they need to digest the greater cost, profit is very thin, suffered a great loss. During the year, many shoe traders wrote letters to EU commissioners wishing to stop anti-dumping duties against China and have yet to produce results. But he expressed optimism personally. Massimo also pointed out that although the anti-dumping tax does affect the C cheap air jordans online hina shoes market share in Europe, as previously mentioned there is a part of the order to India transfer, but at present, China shoes market share in Europe is about 40% - 50%, is still a large share. From the European market sales of shoes, the low-end market accounted for about 60% of total sales, the middle market of about 35%, while the high-end market is about 5%. Among them, the low-end market, Chinese shoes have the upper hand, high-end market is European shoes better. The key to winning the European market is the occupation of the mid market. Massimo stressed that the key to the Chinese occupation of the mid market is the brand of shoes. After the establishment of brand, shoes enterprises can control prices, even if the price is higher, still can attract consumers to buy your products. (Editor: admin) project to provide a strong impetus to drive for economic development this year to the town Baogai Town, clothing, footwear, plastic and metal manufacturing four industry developed rapidly, according to state department statistics, in the town of tax of 50 thousand yuan enterprises, an increase of 41.69%% garment industry, footwear industry growth of 15.18%%, and plastic hardware growth 24.22%%. Baogai town deployment work closely around the municipal government, to promote the project as the starting point, with the construction of the park as the carrier, to resolve outstanding land acquisition, demolition of the key tasks, effectively break the influence biggest problem of land acquisition projects, some hot and difficult problems are gradually solved properly, the area of key projects building steadily. At present, the footwear industry park has 5 enterprises put into production jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black , the main part of the project completed 11 enterprises will soon be expected to put into operation; science and Technology Park in the construction and expansion of enterprise project 19, a total investment of about 1000000000 yuan; production project schedule timing advance shoe company; hardware base project land breakthrough, Shan ya,?, Su Cuo, Cuo, Zheng Houzai, Pu Jin village land measurement basically ended, the village community disputes to be resolved, related to the village back into the group of the whole village unified expropriation unified resettlement agreement, and has formed a preliminary position to batch plan; hardware market is organizing units designed for planning and design. (Editor: admin)Nike Air Max 90 EM "Tianjin" physical map appreciate 2013-12-08 22:48:46 recently network exposure this new Nike Air Max 90 EM "Tianjin" Nike Sportswear latest City Pack series and the new city works, the view of the preparation for Chinese city of Tianjin, to create the double Nike Air Max 90 EM "Tianjin" it is expected to be listed in 2013 to meet with friends. Sina micro-blog company introduces cooperation brand and contact us copyright declaration Beijing City Seth Times Media Culture Co. Ltd Copyright? 2017 SIZE media, All Right Reserved. Beijing ICP ready for No. 13028176Chinese shoes Network November 14 hearing, for Sneaker obsession, Japan's leading fashion shop atmos ball is somewhat deranged trend, following the celebration of the tenth anniversary of cooperation with the atoms, Reebok teamed up once again with its jointly launch yet another charm masterpiece. Compared to that section of the Insta Pump Fury fresh, graffiti design highlights, this time the two sides released Alien Stomper Leopard is more consistent with the fall and winter fashion sense of rhythm. In addition to the choice of a more steady, solid high-top design, leopard pattern design has once again become the main line, superior leather material makes Alien Stomper Leopard richer realism. At the same time, take the black leather lining, but also to create a mysterious, avant-garde quality feel. Sneaker facing gluttonous feast, Alien Stomper Leopard may not be the most out of color, but its charm and slightly introverted little wild, there is always some can not teach people to calm. Shoes December which will also be on sale.with passion and innovation to build a bike 40 years ago, from Mr. Ike Tseng, Central Taiwan mechanical engineer Ceng Dinghuang during the travel to found local bike shop because production of Taiwan's bicycle quality is poor, especially in the doorway posted a notice refused to repair made in Taiwan's bicycle. From this, Ike Tseng was born in 1972 founded the Merida company, R & D and marketing to focus on high quality bicycle. For more than forty years silently Merida, currently own brand (three) bike sold all over the world nearly 80 countries and regions and become the mounts of the world's top players. Merida in 20 years, long-term sponsorship support of Taiwan's local team player; from 20 years ago began to meter painting to promote organized large cycling activities, let the health, energy, environmental protection, cycling, popular in Taiwan, for energy-saving carbon reduction and anti warming to put in the effort. Merida is keen to charity, whenever there is a big natural disaster generous to disaster relief donations, more than ten years continuous sponsorship & lt; 1919 love walking & gt; family emergency rescue plan. in production, Merida has once won two Taiwan Excellence Gold Award, and was nominated for 10 consecutive years, gold medal at the last election, Taiwan Excellence gold, silver regulars; in 2013, Merida has Japan "TPM total production management authentication OEMs. Merida also naming sponsor a world-class professional road team team Lampre-Merida (Merida. Lampre), to enter the tour de France, the highest level of road WorldTour series, Taiwan bicycle to a new field, also let Merida's brand awareness and brand value soared, in 2014 have been ranked 8th place in Taiwan top ten international brands. 2016 flagship car: REACTO 4000REACTO Rui Keduo, Merida ultra low drag professional road cars, a professional cycling team Lampre-Merida (Merida. Lampre) of the main players mounts, 2015 only Merida beyond Merida, weight loss and strengthen and the performance of the air force, as the two major goals of the fourth generation SCULTURA development, Merida for the first time using the new carbon fiber process, in each size have developed special fixture, hand row 〉 in spite of the RMB exchange rate, the export tax rebate rate declined multiple factors, Wenzhou footwear exports still has made remarkable achievements. According to the Wenzhou entry-exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau, statistics show that the first three quarters of this year, Wenzhou footwear products exported 59225 batches, 483 million double, 2 billion 93 million dollars, compared with the same period last year, the number of batches of growth of 11.7%, growth of 9.9%, growth in the amount of 18.4%, with an average price of $4.34 each, an increase of 7.7%. analysis of the Bureau of the people, mainly due to substantial growth in Wenzhou footwear exports to international buyers sourcing, DEICHMANN, WALMART and other major international buyers have to purchase focus to Wenzhou, especially in Wenzhou DEICHMANN company, currently has a total purchase value of $more than 100 million; and with the Canton Fair, Dusseldorf international shoe exhibition (GDS), the Las Vegas International Footwear Exhibition (WSA), Italy shoe exhibition and exhibition, Wenzhou shoes have more channels to enter the international market; Wenzhou footwear products, novel style, excellent quality, low price, the second is the industrial cluster and the upstream and downstream industrial facilities complete, maintain the competitiveness for the footwear industry in Wenzhou. (Editor: admin)Nike Roshe Run Wmns version and then exposed new color, black shoes and white collocation in the bottom, and has a simple black and white tone, the body of the shoe by the black net surface and grey white shoe vamp stitching, digital printing pattern for shoes a unique charm. The Nike Roshe Run Wmns has been in the shop shelves, part No. 599432-010, love friends can look at. 1421040904489.jpg (33.07 KB, download number: 12) download Nike Roshe Run Wmns new color 2015-1-12 16:48 upload 1421040904740.jpg (31.19 KB, download number: 13) download Nike Roshe Run Wmns new color 2015-1-12 upload 16:49 1421040904595.jpg (38.13 KB, download number: 12) download Nike Roshe Run Wmns new color 2015-1-12 16:49 upload 1421040904363.jpg (30.84 KB, download number: 12) download Nike Roshe Run Wmns new color 2015-1-12 16:48 upload 1421040904895.jpg (23.39 KB, download number: 12) download Nike Roshe Run Wmns new color 2015-1-12 upload 16:49